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How much value do we put on TIME ?

How do you value your time ?. Time spent at work, time spent on social media, time spent watching TV? and what about the time you spend on living ?.

Linier time, granted it has its need, appointments, work commitments etc....but what other important life need does it hold? Time restricts us, keeps us to a schedule to always be doing something, an example TV programs, how many of you are stuck in a routine of watching a vertain program at a certain time, without fail?, or coming home from work and still find yourself working as you feel there is not enough time, that it must get done, because you have been set a deadline ? and the fear of not completeing it is far to overwhelming to even contemplate leaving it to actually spend time living and actually appreciating your life. Your life is the most important thing I would say, would you not agree, your time here, living breathing and having the oppotuinity to experience all that this life has to offer you. Time spent with the ones you love, is this not important enough for you, is this time that you shackle yourself to be better spent doing what you love and loving what you do?.

I am not here saying leave your job or stop watching your desired TV programs, what I am saying here is maybe just a thought to ponder on, if you find that your job is filtering into your personal living space then maybe take a look around you and see how that choice could be affecting those around you. Is it taking your "Time" away from your family?, dont get me wrong, if you love working all hours and it truly fulfils you then this is not a question for you.

But if you find yourself questioning how much time you spend on work or other distractions other than what it is you really want to be doing then maybe its "TIME" to reeVALUate what you hold dear. You know we hear stories all the time, older/elderly people talking about regrets, how they wish they had spent more "TIME" doing this or doing that, doing what they loved, spending the quality "TIME" with the ones they held close, do we really want to get to that stage in life and have so many regrets?. Do we really want to put off valuable "TIME" now for a day in the future that may/will never come?. Look around you now at all the blessing that are right in front of you, feel into that, and see the VALUE in that. Nothing is so important that it can distract you away from living your life fully, or is it?.


Marina Govier

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