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How can anything be outside of yourSELF?

So Today I have had this inspired thought/information, a question to ask MYSELF of course. How can anything ever be outside of us? Maybe others will have their own perspective on this subject, I would very much love to hear from you. So sitting and thinking after having a conversation, I was again asked "Are you looking outside of yourself?" It hit me......and my answer was simply "No", and then I went onto explain, the words just came and I spoke them, here is what was said. "I would like to stop you there for a moment, have you ever considered that No-Thing can ever be outside of you, as you are simply experiencing everything and projecting everything into your reality from within you? Are you simply not projecting everything you see from within? Is everything that you experience coming from your perception/thoughts that you are creating from within? Is everything that you see/touch/smell/taste/hear and feel come from within you? Isn't all of the information that you are processing, accessing/learning/experiencing being processed from inside of you? Isn't everything that you see through your perception, your interpretation of the information/energy being processed within you that is apparently all around you, yet within you already?. So I ask you this, if everything is a creation of your mind/thought/perception and interpretation of that information, then is it not within you? It came from within you, did it not? So the one experiencing it, has created the experience of it has it not?." This for me is a great question, there is so much information going around, and I have said it myself "Do not look for happiness outside of yourself" "Do not look outside, go within". Whats interesting here is when you think about it, how can we go without? everything we experience is actually coming from within is it not? Everything we think we create do we not?. So Today I just thought I would share my thoughts on this, If we are the universe experiencing itself through this vessel, and we are not separate from the whole, yet we experience separateness through the ego, the individual "I", and we create all that we experience from within, then how can we ever go outside of ourselves?.

If the outside is also within us, we are in union with it all are we not?, we are one with all that we create and choose to see/experience. We choose to create that happiness in things, people and situations, it's not the things that distract us, those things do not exist separate to us, it is simply our choosing to be distracted by creating it all, by creating drama's/fights/chaos and so on and all of the beautiful things we choose to experience. These are just thoughts/questions I do not believe this to be truth, but then again it could be one of many truths, I bought it up as I see contradiction in most things and this was one.

On one hand we are told we create reality with thought, what we perceive as reality is simply a projection of beliefs we hold within our subconscious mind, and on the other hand we are told to not seek pleasures without, do not go outside of yourself, to go within, yet again we are told No-thing is outside of us. So you see, this would make everything you feel, think, see, hear, taste and experience your full responsibility......EVERYTHING, yet still we look at the world we are creating around us in every moment and blame something that simply does not exist outside of ourselves. Choice......that old saying be careful what you are wishing for. With every thought and feeling, what you perceive as your reality is 100% your creation is it not?. Are WE just experiencing OURselves on/in a multitude of different experiences and dimensions?. Is this experience that is called Marina also the experience that is you readying this?. Again just a thought. Interesting thought!

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