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One thing I have learnt over the years is how much our mind and body interact with every moment of every and night. The interaction and the information sharing does not stop when you are sleeping, it is always and forever flowing.

The support of science

Now with the every growing interest from science, there is now more research coming about with the link between the mind and body and the effects stress and environment has on our physical health, something that ancient medicine has been describing since the dawn of time, so many alternative practices point toward healing the mind and the body will follow.

My work speaks for itself

I have been working with clients now for over 9 years and the results have been undeniable in the fact that the mind has a profound effect on the body system and its health. Our beliefs, behaviours and attitudes are the very makeup that set the body into action with everything we do.

All of this stored information is carried around our bodies by cells. These small information carriers give signals to our entire system, helping it to function as it does, yet depending on the signals from your thoughts, feelings and attitudes, this will determine how well the information gets received or communicated.

All negative thinking and feeling restricts and contaminates these electrical communicators, they are no longer able to fulfil their job in the way that they were intended to. As we loose control of our emotions they run riot causing havoc within the body, that is why not feeling good doesn't feel good, the body aches, hurts and can develop sickness and disease, quite simply because the cells are feeding the wrong information the body system. There is now a fault, we are an electrical system, and now there is half charged cells running riot within us not firing as well as they could be, and everything within our system is running on low charge.

When you look at it like this, you can see why sickness quite literally knocks you off your feet. Even when you think you are not sick, yet you experience extreme tiredness and fatigue, it is only because your thoughts and feelings are not in alignment with what your body is calling for.

Your brain is constantly releasing chemicals from the brain, now depending on your feeling and the thoughts you are having, you will quite literally be poisoning your body with negative thoughts and feelings or feeding your system with the chemicals that enrich and feed the energy that your body needs.

If you want to spend a day with me to learn more and how you can change the cellular memory within your body to literally change your life, contact me and lets have a chat about where it is you want to be in life. New Job, New relationship , Better health or maybe you want to be able to work with your teams better, maybe you are looking to understand you employees and to build your company to its full potential.

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