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"Honor everyone as your teacher.

Take all that you need 

with gratitude and love, then find your own way."

Marina Govier
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Everyone has story

Here I share a little about mine with you

It wasn't until late 2010 that my life started to take a turn for the better.

Early 2010 was when things really turned around, I had hit my "Dark night of the soul" moment (my darkest point), when I realised something had to change, I knew there was something more, a better way to feel, a better way to live, a better way to think and to become a mum my girls could learn from and have a deeper love for themselves, instead of a life of insecurity, fears and lack of self worth. I wanted to break the cycle.


So I started to investigate for myself, and I haven't looked back since. 

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First thing I did was to put a lot of time and effort into working on myself and  researching how others had achieved the life that I knew I could have and wanted.

It took me down many paths of self discovery and my life started to become lighter and lighter with a lot more focus and a lot more peace of mind and understanding of myself and why I  had come to this point in my life.

And here I am now, living a life I love and coaching others to do the same., overcoming many of the obstacles in their lives that I had  also faced. Don't get me wrong I am still discovering more and more about myself and I am deeply enjoying the process and the journey along the way, it takes me into so many new experiences and each is filled with many lessons and so much joy.

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I have through my years of experience been able to break down everything I have learnt and put these practises into a technique that will enable you to move quickly into your new state of mind and new way of living.

All my programs are designed individually and uniquely for each and every client, my methods will bring you clarity and understanding within the first hour of us meeting. My aim is to help you uncover your truth as quickly as possible to set the foundation for your journey ahead. 

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I will work closely with you and be on hand when you request assistance and guidance, I will be there.

I now have my own successful international coaching healing and holistic massage business which allows me to live fully in every minute of my  spare time .

Meeting new clients from all around the world from all walks of life and within the sports and entertainment industry has bought so much gratitude for the vast diversity that exists, until we experience these wonderful differences and embrace them fully we will never really  accept and change our beliefs and judgments that we have been taught.

This is why I do what I love and Love what I do, I do not judge or hold a set belief about people or how things should be or how people should behave, I help people to look inside themselves and start to listen to their own inner voice and to what feels good to them. Trusting your own innate guidance is key to living a fulfilled and happy life. No one knows what's best for you better than yourself.

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Observing , walking beside and being a part of my clients first  steps is such a wonderful experience and I am grateful always for this opportunity.

There may be a small voice in your head telling you that "you can't", but I can help you to hear the voice that is louder and much more powerful that is always there telling you that "YOU CAN and YOU WILL".

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