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Free from drama

When you find yourself surrounded by DRAMA ask yourself what am I feeling inside that is attracting this to me?

So many people get caught up in the drama that is surrounding them that they cant see why they are there in it in the first place. When we are in a place of feeling negative our external world starts to reflect that. We cannot control how others behave, but what we can do is control how we respond to the person or situation.

Come to an understanding with yourself that you no longer want this in your life that these negative thoughts,feelings and beliefs you have towards yourself do not serve you, they do not have a positive effect on how you feel inside. If you step back from the drama you will see that what ever the drama is being played out to you or in front of you is not personal towards you, it is others own suffering that they are directing and projecting towards you, its what is going on within themselves that is the issue, that they are just playing out to show you what space they are in and how much pain they are feeling within themselves at that moment.

If you was at peace and feeling positive, any sign of drama would not effect you nor would it be attracted to you in the first place. So to free yourself from drama step out of it, know that it isn't personal and that it does not have any impact on your life unless you allow it to. It is your choice whether you step in to the drama or not, I know what I choose. If you stop giving the people or the situation your time and energy it has to change direction in order to feed to keep it going, do not be the food that feeds this negative behaviour.

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