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Where is your Mind at ?

If you in a positive mindset you will be feeling great inside, a sense of peace and totally relaxed. You will be focused upon good things and thoughts of progress towards your goals, you will also be thinking kind and happy thoughts not just towards yourself but others too.

You will be feeling healthy and a total sense of well-being, smiling for no reason other than you are happy right now living in the moment, grateful for everything you have and an appreciation for life


Now on the other hand if you are in a negative mindset you will be feeling drained focused upon bad, sad and unsuccessful things, doubting yourself and your abilities and wondering how you will get through the next day, you may be sick, or judging others and their actions, jealous of others success and a feeling of personal failure. Your body may be in pain or tense with stress and worry about what may come, or focused on the past and what has been.

Well now is your chance to stop for a moment and check where your mind is at .......... and choose how you want to be feeling. Do you want to feel free from all of that negative self talk? I'm sure you do, so just change your focus away from the negative thoughts, if you just allow the thoughts to pass for a moment without grabbing onto them, they will actually pass just as quickly as they came in to your mind, but the moment you grab onto them they start to create a storm, its your choice whether you choose to let them dictate how you feel.

We all choose to keep ourselves caught in the storm, why don't you make a different choice today, choose happiness for yourself ......You deserve that and nothing less.

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