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Change Your Thoughts, Change your life

I love these two quotes: “Stop thinking about all the reasons you cannot be successful and instead think about all the reasons why you can.” — David Harold Fink

“Act the part of the successful person you have decided to become.” — David Harold Fink

Every successful person knows what they want; they think about it, they believe in themselves enough to know that if the man over the street can have it why can’t he. It is our own thoughts that limit us as human beings. No one is stopping you from having exactly what it is that you want.

What Signal are you sending out? You are let’s say a magnet, your thoughts send out a signal into the universe to attract to you what you think about and how you feel inside every day. Every thought you are sending out it is the same as if you was to send an email, you will get a response, and the response will be a match to what signal you are sending.

So for instance let's say if you woke in the morning and started to worry about the day ahead before it has even arrived what message are you sending out? And what response would you be expecting back?

The Universal Law of Attraction works on a vibrational level (Your Energy) and your thoughts along with your feelings are that energy in motion (Creative energy), something that science is now starting to prove. So if your thoughts are like a magnet of energy can you see why you are where you are today? Do you understand by what you have been sending out why you are getting what have been?

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