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Understanding your programming

Using "THE BOX" analogy that I use with a lot of my clients


From approximately the age of two we are conditioned to the world you now find yourself in, we are taught certain behaviors,attitudes and beliefs from those around us, we are raised to believe a certain way, we mimic certain attitudes and fears of others, and unless you realise you will carry on doing this throughout your life as it has already been enbedded into your subconscious mind.

You have heard so many sayings as you were growing up, here are just a few “You have to work hard to get what you want in this life” “a leopard can't change its spots” “money doesn't grow on trees” I’m sure you can think of many more, and maybe you have had these sentences said to you “You are living in a dream world” “pick a job that is realistic” “everything is just rosy in the first year of a relationship or marriage, but it’s all downhill after that”, so you see these are the things that have been fed into your subconscious mind over the years, and I know if you really think about it you could start to see many more fears and insecurities that have been placed in your mind by others, fears and insecurities that are not actually yours.

Let’s look at your mind for a moment, look at your mind as if it were an open box, and let’s say that since the age of two people have been walking over to your box and placing their post it notes in, these post it notes have written all sorts of words, thoughts, fears, insecurities and attitudes written on them, now being two you do not have the understanding of what can go in the box and what cannot, you haven’t had the understanding that actually this is my box.

So with each encounter in your life’s experience others have placed their post it notes in your box without you even realising, when you watch TV, your mind cannot distinguish what’s real and what is not, it cannot distinguish what thoughts are real and what ones are not, so all of this information is being stored, and somewhere in this box of yours among all of these notes are your thoughts and fears, wants, dislikes, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes. So if you were to now go through your box, think if you can tell me one thing that you like, dislike or a belief that you have that is yours and yours alone, that has not been taught.

This is the first step to realising that most of us if not all of us have become a product of our surroundings, without even realising, and the same will be for our parents and so on.

The beauty of all of this now is we can change that, we have the choice to understand who we really are and where we really want to be. No one has ever been to blame for your life and your life choices, so if you are holding blame or feeling guilt about past actions, now is the time to release all of those feelings, they will no longer serve you in your future.

What will you choose to go in your BOX NOW?

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