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The responsibility is yours

The responsibility is yours and yours alone. The majority of us go through life not realising that every point in which we reach is down to our own choices that we have made, that we have chosen our path that has lead us to the exact moment in which we are now, the exact moment that you are now here reading this post.

Many people, including myself have sat for a moment and thought “How did I end up here”. We look for external reasons; people to blame fingers to point especially if we are not in a place where we want to be or thought we should be, “It is their fault why I ended up broke” “it is his fault we had that argument” “It is her fault I had to take this second job”, I could go on. It can be so easy to blame others for our negative situations, and pass on the responsibility to others for our choices, to not have to look inside and say “ I could of chose better for myself”.

So we have to ask ourselves why am I not taking responsibility for what I say and do and the choices I make? What is it inside of me am I not willing to face about myself? What am I trying to run or hide from? What is preventing me from making the right choice even when I know I could be doing wrong to myself and others? We all know right from wrong we all know deep inside that ill feeling towards ourselves and others and having negative thoughts every day is not a good space to be in, so why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we choose to continuously repeat negative thought patterns towards ourselves and others? Why do we get jealous and envious of those who seem to have it all? What is it within me that stops me from finding or accepting that happiness into my life, that keeps me from my perfect job, and having that perfect relationship or to simply love myself? The answer is quite simply YOU, you have not been allowing yourself to have all of those things and more, the thoughts you think the choices you have been making have stopped all of those things coming to you in abundance.

You have heard of the saying “Like attracts Like” well this is exactly what you have been doing the whole time, when you make choices that are not in alignment with positive thoughts, feelings and actions you will receive exacting what you are giving out.

I went through life blaming others for my misfortune, my parents, my friends, my partner even my children. I learnt a valuable lesson at the start of my new journey with regards to blaming others, it was with regards to my parents, I held blame for things that happened to me as a young teenage girl, that I felt they could control, I felt that as they were my parents they could of changed everything, if they had done this, if they had done that, I did not realise how much blame, frustration and anger I had been carrying around with me.

I distanced myself from my parents for three months and in those three months I started to realise that they could only come from a place that they knew how to, I had expected them to have changed their thought patterns, their way of thinking, I had for all these years expected them to control my life, when in actual fact I had chosen my life, I had made all of the choices myself, every situation I had put myself in to, they did not force me to make any of the decisions I had made at those times, in fact when I started to go over the past in my mind, I could remember my mother trying her hardest to talk to me, but I refused to look at myself, so all I allowed myself to see was a form of neglect, just to save me having to look inside.

I have a great love and respect for my parents now that I did not allow myself to feel before, because I was not allowing it, I was the one choosing to hold bad feelings, I was the one who didn't want to look inside and make that change, I had expected everybody else to change themselves to suit my feeling.

From that day I knew I had no one to blame except myself for everything I had chosen in my life, no one can ever make you decide to take a certain path, no one can make you turn left instead of turning right, no one can make you see the truth in a situation, we have to look inside and take responsibility for our choices

. If you are complaining of how your life isn't what you wanted it to be, or you are in a job you do not want to be in, ask yourself why are you still doing the same thing day in day out?, why are you still willing to suffer and feel unhappy in the place you are in?

You have a choice.

You never hear the person who is happy with their life complaining of how amazing everything is, complaining about to much money, about the perfect relationship and job, so why do we find ourselves so unsatisfied with where we are?

The key is to look inside ourselves, the issue is not external, it’s within you.

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