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General Questions | 1-1 Sessions  Connecting with Marina
General Questions

What is your core message?


As Marina often states " If you are going to do anything, do it from love.
The root of all human suffering comes from not remembering who we really are and why we are here. My message is to show how all  suffering can end, with the simple answer of that being LOVE".

What is this energy you often talk about?


"The energy I talk about is a universal energy that is in and around everything. It is who you are, it is pure divine creative energy. It is the makeup of everything you experience all around you, it is in everything.You are more than what you percieve yourself to be."

What do you mean when you say you channel?


"This is not anything new as you already know, channeling has been going on for thousands of years. It is being able to connect with the universal knowledge that is always at any given time available to each and everyone of us, think of this like a giant search engine, all you have to do is ask the right questions and you will be given the answers".

What do you channel ?


"There is not one specific topic that I channel, working very close with my guides they let me know when to listen and feel as what ever is needed at that time will come through. It could be a new teaching, or a teaching from past lives that is relevant at this time, it could also be the higher self of a client IAM working with."

1-1 Sessions with Marina

What happens in your 1-1 healing sessions?


You may experience:

  • The release of laughter or tears as what has to be resolved comes to the surface to be loved back to life.

  • A rise in the frequency of your energy field.

  • Activation of the crystalline DNA and purifying all bodies of consciousness.

  • Transformation of the relationship you have with yourself.

  • Transformation of any painful memories and past traumas, down to the cellular level.

  • Recognition of the shadow self and the unveiling of all patterns of reaction.

  • Expansion of of your creative and activation of your natural intuitive gifts.

  • Exploring your life as the free spirit of the Universe that you are

What is energy healing?


The powerful universal energy that I spoke of is channeled through me, I do not direct or interfere with it, I simply feel your energy field and find the blocks that need to be cleared for total well-being.


Other information is stored within your field so if there is anything that needs addressing I will pick it up, which will enable you to move swiftly forward on your personal journey to living a fulfilled and love filled life.

Can I learn how to heal myself?


Over the years of personal experience I have come realise some fundamental key points:

  • Everyone is their own healer.

  • Everyone can Tune into this energy, it already flows through you.

  • I do not have to attune you to the energy.

  • You do not need symbols.

  • You do not need to follow strict guidelines. I will not tell you to do it my way.

  • You do not need to have had any previous knowledge or experience in this before to learn now.

  • You do not need to practice for years and years in order to be "Worthy" of holding the knowledge.

  • This is a gift we all possess. There are not chosen ones, we are all gifted beings, it's just a choice whether we choose to pursue it. We are it, we are all energy.

What are some of the techniques you can show me to help me heal myself? 


I will:

  • Show you some simple techniques that will start to enable you to feel, experience and tap into your own energy.

  • Help you and show you ways to to heal your mind, body and spirit. 

  • Help you to listen to your body and show you what it is trying to communicate with you.

  • Nurture your own unique way of connecting.

  • Encourage you to unlock your true potential.

  • Mirror your own light that shines within you, so you can see your true nature.

  • Help you understand that you already hold all the keys, the doors just need to be presented for you to unlock.

  • Help you to understand the different messages the energy and body is telling you, in order for you to self-heal.

Connecting with Marina

 If I have a personal question about myself, about teachings, or about life in general. Can you offer me guidance?


"Now due to the high volume of emails and questions I receive from around the world, the best places to ask questions would be at any of my  teachings event and or  Soul Sessions, or to book a personal 1-1 session with me. Come spend time with me and share your experience, we are all here to help one another!"

Will you personally respond to my email?


" Whilst all emails are read and whole-heartedly appreciated and loved dearly, due to the high volume of inquiries and requests I get, I may not be able to reply straight away to your inquiry. But I will PERSONALLY reply."

Can I communicate on social media?


"Due to the high volume in requests and questions via Facebook, I will always do my very best to respond to you. Please DO comment and leave post comments if any of the posts resonate with you, that is the perfect way to ask any questions you may have, also it maybe the same question others have within them, sop you may be helping others with your openness. Do not be afraid to share, we are all on this journey as one." 

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